Will I ever be the same again? 

I believe that this is a question that gets projected internally in everyone’s mind.  Will I ever be the same again? I myself am a victim of constantly annoying myself with this question.  Will I ever be the same again? After years and years of pain and suffering, unknown to people that surrounded you, and in constant battle with my inner subconscious, I finally got myself the answer. 

 No… I will never be the same.  Heck,  I could never have been the same again no matter how hard I try to. So this is the answer for everyone else too.  Time will heal you.  But this healing you receive will never amount to the endless years of suffering. You cannot be the same anymore. 

Time will pass but you will remember vividly what you had been through.  But I assure you that you will not be feeble and you will not get sucked in anymore. You will remember,  but you will not go back. 

Memory is a part of what being human is.  Your memories are a part of you and they will stay in the back of your head, all the stupid moments, sadness ,  sorrow, sufferings.  .. … Everything.  . You will remember.  They will become a part of you and you will accept them with open arms. 

You have healed.  But you will remember.  You will change.  But you will remember. 

You will never be the same again.  But You will always be You, and the new You will be a better You than any of the You’s from the past. 


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