A modern manifesto towards true freedom 

Do you ever tell people the true depths of your loneliness?  Like empty shelves and unread books,  a lamp shining with no motive, feeling more and more alienated with each passing day.. 

“…As I sit,  read and write down the memory of dreams; Sometimes it is difficult to find a way back to here and now, or,  to make sense of these reckless thoughts…. I’d rather tell it to the walls, whisper in between its cracks; Tell the story as I draw each..  black….  lines…”

I am homesick for a place I’m not even sure exists, a place where the heart and soul lies and nothing is too strange. 

You know that you’ve reached your limits, when you no longer care about the light at the end of the tunnel. You become plainly sick of the tunnel. 

That’s when you start to realize that there is something beautiful about loneliness. Great intelligence in sadness that seems to tell you a story,  teach you something deep. 

What I am trying to express is much deeper than what words could ever write. It is about giving in to loneliness and letting your soul sink deep into thoughts and just be free. 

Societal pressure provoking orthodox conformists; never giving space for self-realization. 

 Whenever I see couples caring for each other in a way that portraits their love for each other, it brings up the thought that makes me wonder if I would someday find a soul that seeks freedom as much as I do. 

Hope is what keeps me alive. Loneliness is what give me strength. Failure is what makes me persevere. Freedom is what I seek each day. There is no room for the fear of flying alone, because as you go on and on,  people will finally see the beauty of soaring high, see the confidence of your individuality;

 as you become free from what has been holding you back.


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