Life, which seems hard and suffocating at times is really not what it seems to be. One day, you will be down with depression and the next, you will be so mad with joy that everything feels perfectly normal. Sit down for a cup of coffee and savor the taste of life’s wonderful gift and melt into the taste of coffee.

In fact, there is nothing normal about life. You deserve to be sad as much as you deserve to be happy. You just cannot be told that you should not grumble about how life is unfair to you, simply because there may be other unfortunate beings who are suffering more than you. Well,it would’ve been ironic to tell a joyous friend that she cannot be happy for there are others happier than her. Get my point?

Life is so much more than what you may think. Be selfish. I have been through so much at the mere age of 18 that nothing seems to be much of a hindrance. I leave my friends if I do not enjoy being with them. Believe me, it is a lot easier being selfish in reality than thinking about it.

Think. Think so much that you become depressed. It is fine. It might dampen your feelings but it sure will strengthen your soul. Be insecure. So insecure that you cannot even recall any memorable event that you are sure of attending, because you were too lost being insecure and worrying throughout. Believe me, memories may feel like a necessity to prove your existence,but it is actually proven by what you accomplish in your life, not by being socially active.

Be socially awkward. That may drive people away,but it sure will give you time for introspection. It will make you a better person. By being selfish, I do not mean that you should be acting like a spoilt brat not giving a care to the world. Not at all. Give care to the poor, the weak ,children, the sick. The loose changes that you randomly keep scattered all over your room can make a difference to another individual. It may be impossible to help every single person who needs help, but one good deed to a single person can make a whole lot of difference, especially for the one that you helped.

I do not even know my point of writing this extra long note which I am sure no one will read, because it doesn’t even have a point or order. I am no English major. 

But writing out my feelings gives me this sense of ease, almost the same as listening to music in your room all by yourself, or sitting on the terrace or somewhere lonely with the cool air blowing softly.

This blog is my exit from the world. And I do not care about how many readers there are. I just want an outlet from this suffocating world of mine.

Note by:       E.Daun


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