A self introduction: Effie

I believe in the dual personality that everyone has. 

My introvert self loves books, they are what makes me feel alive the most, a bookworm at heart since childhood. I also like to call myself an independent writer, whatever comes to my mind, I write.  

My fossil watch as old as any fossil,  a gift from my Ma that I can never part with. 

Mornings become much more alive after a cup of coffee, even better when your mug is as cute as it can be. 

My extroverted face loves to be caked with makeup, brushes that paint my face and showcase an art form. I’m sure you’ll understand how heels are your best friend when you’re not blessed in the height section.

All these are my Music; music which is engraved inside me to the very core.

Red is the color of my soul,  and fragrances the spirit of my personality.

An ambivert,  but inclined towards the introvert side,  that’s what I believe my self introduction signifies.


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